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Here is what Diana's Clients are saying...

Diana Lynn

"Diana's connection is just like your loved one is sitting there in the room with you. Her readings are filled with healing, peace, comfort, and an uncanny validation of spirit communication!”
Julie R. - Victoria, BC

My wife and I so desperately wanted to connect with our daughter who had just recently passed away. The only way to describe our session was beautiful! We cried, we laughed and most importantly, we now have closure and know without any doubt that she is ok. Thank you Diana
Douglas W. - Kamloops, BC

I have had 3 readings with Diana Lynn. She is 110% on the nose so much so that she shocks me. Her loving, tender nature, sweet voice and openness makes this process much easier. She has given me a peace that I can't even explain, our first reading two years ago was all tears, needing to hear answers and all about my loss and pain. Each session alleviated those worries, that deep pain and unanswered questions. Yesterdays reading however, was ALL about laughter and fun memories, I had a real conversation with my sister who passed 7 yrs ago, just like we used to have, I couldn't stop laughing. THAT is what I have needed the most for 7 years....more than any answers... and Diana was the one who could give it to me. I believe because of her sweetness and openness, she is just SO real....I've never seen or heard of someone as gifted as her! I can never say enough wonderful things about her or thank her enough for giving me my SissyPoo back, even if she did pick on me from the other side! I have referred several people to Diana Lynn and ALL of them have had wonderful, fulfilled readings as well. She is just like no one else!

Amy A. - Powhatan, VA

I just had a session with Diana and it was exactly what I needed. I had hoped that my son would come through and boy, did he ever! This experience has changed my life. She was able to describe him exactly, gave information that no one could have possibly known, things that I had said to him, things I did for him after his passing and at one point in the reading she even sounded exactly like my son. I am so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

​Carla J. - Banff, AB

My husband the skeptic, and myself recently had a reading with Diana-Lynn, lets just say my husband is no longer a skeptic. She has an amazing gift, both of our families messages came through beautifully.  She validated that are loved ones are always with us and that they are okay in the non-physical. We highly recommend her and would like to say, what an honour it was to meet you Diana-Lynn, and thank you again for such a loving and enlightened experience, we will never forget.

All the best, Diane & Graham - Victoria, BC

There were so many moments of validation and things that no one could have ever known that we are still in shock. Our session with Diana exceeded our expectations and it has changed our lives. Diana is kind, soft-hearted and welcomes you and your loved ones with open arms. We can actually breathe again knowing our loved ones are ok on "the other side". 

With much gratitude, 

Alex and Megan - ​Victoria, BC