What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the work to disrupt patterns and step into the trueness of your soul being.

The basic premise is that when we experience any kind of emotional, physical or spiritual trauma (no matter how small or big), a part of our vital essence separates from us (in other words; soul loss) in order to protect and survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the sorrow or pain.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of disconnection or not feeling whole? If so, soul fragmentation or loss has possibly occurred.

​Working at the spiritual level (Upper, middle and lower worlds), I will retrieve the missing fragment or fragments, searching for, finding and returning those lost parts of our essence and bring them back into balance. I have been trained to journey on behalf of others by entering an altered state of consciousness guided by rhythmic drumming. In the journey, I will search out your soul missing parts and "bring them home". Working with all my spiritual allies, I will ask and encourage the soul part to return and re-integrate, returning to the person the essential wholeness and life force with which they entered this life.

In your session I will also do "extraction" work, which means: removing blockages and energies that may have been given to you by another or may have been once your own method of coping or self-protection, but are now getting in the way of your wholeness and happiness. Think of what is being removed much like scar tissue. I will remove this "scar tissue" and throw it into the fire, releasing what no longer serves you. 

Extractions make room for the soul parts and essential energy of the individual to "come home" .This is not a brief process. Soul Retrievals are approximately an hour and a half involving both talk and journey work. 

PLEASE NOTE: I do not call myself a Shaman but I have been taught in traditional Shaman ways. 

​Soul Retrievals $150   

"Mother Shadow Lynx"