Diana Lynn

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One-on-One Mentorship

Connect with me online in a special mentoring program tailored to your specific needs. I will work with you to help with a specific goal or to release blockages, enhance an ability, etc. Whether you have always had that “gut feeling”, unexplained coincidences, you have always been interested in the ability to communicate with Spirit or you’re someone who has been speaking with Spirits for a long time, this mentorship will teach and guide you step by step to fully open and sustain your connection to the other side. I’m here to help you. These private sessions are one-on-one mentoring for intuition, psychic development and mediumship that is unique to you. 

The biggest struggle Intuitives / Psychics / Mediums have is trust. Learn how to have all the confidence in your messages and in Spirit. If you have self-doubt, difficulty knowing if it is your mind or a message from Spirit or if you would like to learn how to open up to your psychic or mediumship abilities this Mentorship Program is for you. You can ask questions, receive 1 on 1 guidance and be given weekly exercises and lessons. This training / mentorship is involved, intense and on-going. You will need to be committed to learning and digging in! 

Mentorship Sessions: 

$160 per 1 hr session

$325 - 2 - 1 hr sessions 

$450 - 3 - 1 hr sessions 

In addition to your weekly sessions with me I am offering weekly and bi-weekly meditations here at my studio with students who are also working on developing and enhancing their own unique abilities. I highly encourage meditation to be a part of your regular practise. 

Add a weekly meditation to your mentorship. Choose either Monday evening from 7-8pm or Saturday morning from 10-11am.

4 weekly meditations (a week apart $15 each) $60