"Connecting you with Spirit "

Diana Lynn

Grief & Loss Sessions

Are you feeling lost? Questioning your purpose? When someone important to us dies, our lives change, and grief affect us spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Although I have been a medium for almost 18 years, I am not a counselor.  However, I will be able to use my own experiences that I have learned over the years to assist during this difficult time when our loved ones have passed or when our loved ones are dying and families are struggling. This healing session can provide a level of spiritual support to a loved one honoring the Spiritual Journey from this life to the next

A session may aide in the following:
Forgiveness and feeling forgiven resulting in inner peace and calm.
Resolve pending issues with a loved one who has passed on releasing negative emotions, such as guilt, anger, or resentment.
Releasing feelings of “What if…?”, “Should I have…?”, “Could I have…?” or “Would it have been different if…?”

Come with questions such as:
What happens when we die?
What does the term Spirit mean?
What happens to our Soul?
What are some of the signs that our loved ones show us after they pass?
What’s it like on “the other side”?
Do we all have Spirit Guides and what do they do?
Is my Loved One ok?
I never got to say goodbye. Do they know I love them?
Do they hear me when I talk to them?

The session is yours but may also include:
Connecting to your own loved ones through Meditation
How to see, hear, feel and know your loved ones are still with you.
Bring your questions and have Spirit answer

Coping with the loss of a loved one brings up almost every emotion imaginable. I am here to help you navigate some of those feelings in a safe and loving space.