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New Development Classes start September 2020

* Meditation Sessions

Connecting to the Spirit World

Join us for a 7 hour POWERFUL DAY of connecting to your LOVED ONES in SPIRIT, your SPIRIT GUIDES and your POWER ANIMALS!

We will spend 7 hours blending with SPIRIT and guiding you to do the same. With gentle and effective tools Diana and Debra will support you in making CONNECTIONS TO THE OTHER SIDE and tapping into the supportive resource of love, guidance and inspiration.

After a full day of workshop activities Debra and Diana will wrap up with a 1 hour DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP!

Date: TBD
Time: 10am - 5pm

Divine Opportunity!

Join Diana and Debra for 7 hours of giving and receiving healing energy and wisdom from Divine Source!

We have co-created with Spirit, this wonderful exchange. You, as a participant, will be on the massage table for 15-20 min and will receive from the HEALING LIGHT OF LOVE what you need for your mental, emotional and spiritual well being. You will then take your place with the others to be of service to the next participant on the table. The process is one of respect and support, and will be hands on or hands off depending on each individuals level of comfort. It is a powerful exchange and each person has a 'unique' experience. It is an opportunity to receive and then also be of service to Spirit. What could be better?

Divine Source Energy lovingly guides both Diana and Debra for each individual person sometimes offering music, drumming, bells, meditation, silence . . . the instruction from the LOVE of SOURCE is ever-changing and profoundly moving.

To register please email inquiry@diana-lynn.com ​